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Paul Burnford’s filmography reveals a filmmaker eclectic in subject matter, and treatment, as he made films for learners of all ages.  This filmography should not be considered complete, as we continue to add films to this list.  We will update it as we discover new information.  While Burnford produced all of these films, occasionally other people would serve as directors. We have made notations as such, when known. In some cases, the films below represent different editions of essentially the same film, e.g. ‘Color’ of 1954, and ‘Discovering Color’ (1978).  It is hoped that full decoding will ultimately be done by future scholars.  Please also visit Burnford's Biography, and Burnford's Writings.

Early Documentary and Feature films (It is believed that Burnford, who also was a director of photography, directed the following documentary and feature films. He is given director credit where verified).

Symphony of Nature (1933)
Moods of Nature (1935)
Rooftops of London (1936)
To-day We Live (1937)
Free to Roam (1938)
Zoo Babies (1938)
Zoo and You, The (1938)
Storm Warning (1940)
Brothers in Blood (1943) MGM
Kid in Upper Four (1943)
Dark Shadows  (1944) MGM, co-directed with Walter Hart
Patrolling the Ether (1944)
Nostradamus IV (1944) – MGM – D. Paul Burnford, Cy Endfield
Return from Nowhere (1944)
Storm (1944)
Adventures of Rusty, The (1945) Columbia Pictures - 67 min - (First in the series of 8 Rusty films.)
Fall Guy (aka Crime Does Not Pay No. 43: Fall Guy) – 1945 - MGM D. Paul Burnford
It Looks Like Rain (1945) (MGM)
Little White Lie (1945) MGM D. Paul Burnford
Strange Destiny (1945) MGM D. Paul Burnford
Jamboree (1953) 54 min. D. Paul Burnford


Academic Classroom Films

Alphabet in Art (1969)                               
Amphibians: Frogs, Toads, and Salamanders (1980)
An Adventure in Film Lighting (1974)
Animal Friends (1991)
Animal Habitats
Animals that Move in Many Ways (1982)
Animals that Fly
Art - People – Feelings (1971)
Art and Motion (1952) EB
Art and Perception: Learning to See (1969)
Art from Found Materials (1970)       
Art in Motion
Art in our World (1950)
Art of the Motion Picture (1969)        
Artist and Nature (1950)
Background of the American Revolutionary War
Background of the Civil War (1979)
Background of the Declaration of Independence
Background of the Reconstruction Period (1986)
Background of the Constitution (1982)
Basic Film Editing (1975)
Basic Film Photography (1976)
Basketball Is Fun (1949)
Beyond LSD: a Film for Concerned Adults and Teenagers (1968)
Birds Are Interesting
Camera Magic: The Art of Special Effects (1973)
Castles Made of Sand (1971)
Caring for Animals (1993)
Caverns & Geysers (1982)
Changing Art in a Changing World (1967)
Color (1954, from EB 'Art in Action' series)
Color is a Day (1972)
Dinosaur Age (1958)
Discovering Color (1978, 'Discovering Art' series)
Discovering Composition in Art (1964, revised in 1979, 'Discovering Art' series)
Discovering Computers (1982)
Discovering Creative Pattern (1967, 'Discovering Art' series)
Discovering Dark and Light (1967, 'Discovering Art' series)
Discovering Form in Art (1967, revised in 1979, 'Discovering Art' series)
Discovering Harmony in Art (1966, 'Discovering Art' series)
Discovering Ideas for Art (1967, 'Discovering Art' series)
Discovering Line (1978, 'Discovering Art' series)
Discovering Perspective (1979, 'Discovering Art' series)
Discovering Texture (1979, 'Discovering Art' series)
Earthquakes & Volcanoes (1957)
Eggs to Chickens
Emergency Childbirth (1984)
Equal Protection of the Laws (1966, dir. Abram D. Murray)
Eye of Man (1972)
Face of the Earth (1953)
Factory, The: How a Product is Made (1957)
Farm Babies & Their Mothers
Fast is Not a Ladybug (1959)
Fiber in Art (1968)
Firehouse Dog
Fish are Interesting
Flies and Mosquitoes: their Life Cycle and Control (with Norman Bean,1964)
Flight of Birds (1966)
Form (1954, from EB 'Art in Action' series)
Fossils are Interesting (1956)
Frame By Frame: The Art of Animation (1973)
Girls' Basketball for Beginners (1950)
Great Bubble Conspiracy (1973)
How to Solve a Problem (1967)
Human Figure in Art (1969)       
Imagery in Space (1971, co-produced by Michael Lyon)
Insect Zoo (1970)
Insects that Help Us (with Norman Bean, 1965)
Let's Catch Reptiles (1949)
Let's Read Poetry (1949)
Life in the Ocean (1955)
Life on a Dead Tree (1957)
Light and Dark (1954,from EB 'Art in Action' series)
Line (1954, from EB 'Art in Action' series)
Machines Help Us (1959)
Machines that Move Earth (1955)
Mammals Are Interesting
Menopause: Myths and Realities
Monkeys and Apes: an Introduction to the Primates (1964)
Mother Duck’s Surprise
Operation Head-Start  (1966)
Our Immigrant Heritage (1966)
Paper in Art (1967)
Pied Piper of Hamelin, The (1982) Churchill Films - Producer, Bob Waterman; Directors, Paul Burnford & Igmar Grimsgaard; Narrator, Orson Welles
Prehistoric Animals of the Tar Pits: the Story of Rancho La Brea (1958)
Prenatal Care (1977)
Railroad Rhythms (1954)
Reptiles are Interesting
Rhythm and Movement in Art (1967)
Rhythmic Exercises (1950)
Rocks and Minerals (1955)
Sea Shell Animals
Seven Little Ducks (1948)
Skipper Learns a Lesson (1952)
Special Tour: A Young People’s Introduction to Science Fiction (1973)
Storm Warning
Story of the Goose and Gander, The (1957)
Sun Symbol in Art (1968)             
Texture (1954, from EB 'Art in Action' series)
This is Color series (Super 8 loops: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue)
Tippy the Town Dog
Truth and the Dragon (1970)
Visit in the Past with George Washington
Visit in the Past with Robert E. Lee
We Play and Share Together (1951)
What are Machines (1950)
What Is a City (1959)
What Is Art? (1954, from EB 'Art in Action' series)
What is Poetry
Wild Animal Families
Your Movie Camera and How to Use It (1958) - The Hollywood 35mm Film Company - Photographed/Produced/Directed by Paul Burnford
Zoo Families (1977) 

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