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                                           Warren Everote, September, 2009, photo by Geoff Alexander

Warren Everote was born October 12, 1913. His tenure with Encyclopedia Britannica Films actually began during the Educational Research Products Inc. (ERPI) days. Initially employed as a a filmmaker, his role eventually evolved to that an as executive producer, and he eventually became President of Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corporation (EBEC). Warren passed away on December 9, 2013, at the age of 100. A biography of him has been written by Anne Purcell. This page contains his filmography.

Warren Everote directly made all films indicated by an asterisk (*). In these films, he wrote the script, selected the cameraman, and supervised editing.  In the educational film parlance of the day, this role was generally considered to be the role of Director or Producer.

On the other listed films, Warren was given the task of ensuring the film was made, and he served as essentially a project manager. He often selected the cameraman and wrote the script, but didn’t supervise the editing process.  He was responsible for delivering a satisfactory finished product. This role today is generally considered to be that of Executive Producer.

* Alcohol and the Human Body 1947

Allergies 1951

Animal Breeding 1953

* Animal Homes (Photography, Lynwood Chace) 1949

* Animals at Work in Nature (Photography, Lynwood Chace) 1950

* Animals in Spring (Photography, Lynwood Chace) 1950

* Animals in Summer (Photography, Lynwood Chace) 1950

* Animals in Winter (Photography, Lynwood Chace) 1951

Antibiotics 1953

* Ants (Photography, Lynwood Chace. William Anderson was the contract producer.  Everote’s role was to help him with his script, show samples of his film in progress and get approval for his final version.  Anderson received a percentage of the income EBF earned from the film.) 1949

Archimedes Principle (Director, Milan Herzog) 1953

* Atom and Agriculture, The  1952

* Atom and Biological Science, The  1952

* Atom and Industry, The   1952

* Atom and Medicine, The  1952

* Atom Smashers 1952

* Atomic Alert 1951

* Atomic Radiation 1951

Bacteria: Friend and Foe 19S3

Beach and Sea Animals (Photographer, William Anderson) 1953

Building a Highway 1948

Building a House (Photographer, John Walker) 1947

Cancer 1953

* Carbon Fourteen 1952

Casualty Insurance 1954

Common Cold, The 1948

Doctor, The 1947

* Ears and Hearing (Photographers  John Walker & Andrew Costikyan) 1947

Fire (Photographer, John Walker) 1946

Fox and the Rooster, The (Photographer, Lynwood Chace) 1951

Fundamentals of Acoustics, 2nd Edition (Photographer, John Walker) 1956

Galileo's Laws of Falling Bodies (Director, Milan Herzog) 1953

Glass: From the Old to the New through Research 1953

Home Electrical Appliances  1944

Housefly, The (Photographer, William Anderson) 1952

Housefly, The, 2nd Ed. (Prod. William A. Anderson) 1958

How Nature Protects Animals (Photographer, William Anderson) 1959

Immunization (Photographer, Andrew Costikyan) 1946

Industrial Research 1953

Introduction to Biology 1952

Life in the Forest (Photographer, William Anderson) 1961

Life in the Desert (Photographer, William Anderson) 1962

Life in the Grasslands (Photographer, William Anderson) 1961 (1954?)

Life of a Plant (Photography, John Ott) 1948

Major Religions of the World (Script with Wallace Purcell) 1952

Making Electricity 1948

Making Glass (Photographer, Andrew Costikyan) 1947

Midnight Ride of Paul Revere 1957

* Molecular Theory of Matter 1950

Monarch Butterfly 1951

* Monkey Who Would be King, The (Photographer, Lynwood Chace) 1955

Nurse, The (Directed by Hamilton McFadden) 1949

Our Soil Resources 1947

Plant Growth 1949

* Plant Traps: Insect Catchers of the Bog Jungle (2nd ed) (Directed by William M. Harlow, Photographer, Lynwood Chace) 1955

* Preface to Chemistry (Photographer, Gordon Weisenborn.  Everote writes: “As a former chemistry teacher I wrote the script and had it approved.  Then without an explanation EB Films President Walter Colmes gave it to Gordon Weisenborn to complete”).  1953

* Preface to Physics 1954

Primary Cell, The (Photographer, John Walker) ERPI 1944

Protozoa 1957

Purchasing Agent, The (Photographer, Andrew Costikyan) 1952

Radiation as a Cause of Cancer 1951

Roots of Plants 1948

Save Those Teeth (filmed in commercial studio) 1949

Science of Soap (Photographer, Andrew Costikyan) 1949

Scientific Method, The  1954 (prod. John Bobbitt)

Seashore Life 1949

Seed Dispersal 1956 (prod. John Walker)

Single Celled Animals (Geoff: BvB  had producer’s credit on this 1962 film)

Sound Waves and Their Sources, 2nd (Photographer, John Walker) 1956

* Spiders (Photographer, Lynwood Chace) 1955

Static Electricity 1950

Tippy the Town Dog 1950

Trip to the Moon, A 1957 (a special project by William Peltz, EBF’s Art Director, and me. He did the moon model and animation.)  

Tropical Rain forest, The 1963

* Ugly Duckling, (Photographer, Lynwood Chace) 1951

Vacuum Tube ERPI 1944

Water Cycle (Photographer, John Walker) 1946

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