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Katharine and Bruce Cornwell

A significant part of AFA's mission is to interview filmmakers who have done significant work in 16mm academic classroom film.  From these interviews, we've been able to piece together important elements of the history of the genre, and create filmographies for future researchers.  We have made attempts to find the following directors/producers, and have come up short.  If you know the whereabouts of these people, or, if they're no longer around, have information about their lives, please contact us.  Thanks for your help.

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These filmmakers are missing.  Please help us find them:

bulletRalph Adams, who produced a number of outstanding films on Mexico, including Fisher Folk of Lake Pátzcuaro (1951), and Maguey: Plant of a Thousand Uses (1952).
bulletJohn F. Criswell  Criswell, believed to have been a professor at the University of Arizona, made a series of geography and science films, distributed by Gateway Productions. He lived for a time in Knight's Ferry, CA. We believe he is no longer alive, but would like anyone who knows anything about him to contact us.
bulletFrank Gardonyi  Maker of several exceptional films on Africa (e.g. African Community: The Masai and African Craftsmen: The Ashanti) for BFA in the 1970s.  Filmmaker Frank Lisciandro told us he returned to his native Hungary.  Any other information would be welcome.
bulletSparky Greene, who directed the 1977 Oscar-nominated documentary American Shoeshine. Belived to be living near Malibu, CA.
bulletClifford J. Kamen directed a series of geographical films, including Peruvian Plateau: Problem of Industry and Transportation (1954). He made film for  Hollywood Film Enterprises, which may have been his own company. He may have lived in San Francisco.  Kamen's son LCDR Clifford J. Kamen Jr., US Navy (September 4, 1938 - May 12, 1976), was killed in Vietnam and is buried in Golden Gate Cemetery, San Bruno, CA.
bulletLes Mitchel  Last believed to have been living near Los Angeles, Mitchel was a bush pilot/adventurer/filmmaker who produced a wonderful ethnic portrayal of the Lacandon Mayans called Maya Are People (1951, Simmel-Meservey)

The following filmmakers have been found, based on input from our visitors.  Thanks for your help!

bulletBruce and Katharine Cornwell.  They made at least two outstanding films on geometrical shapes, Congruent Triangles, and Journey to the Centre of a Triangle (1976).  Bruce Cornwell also contributed computer animation on the IBM 360 at MIT Lincoln Labs for a 1972 film, Space-Filling CurvesFound!  Living in Brooklyn, their son went to the same school as the son of filmmaker John Barnes, and knew him.  
bulletWilf Gray.  Made exceptional nature films shot primarily in the Canadian northwest, circa 1977, e.g. Yukon Territory.  Credits are pretty sparse in Gray's films, but in one (Desert Southwest), Margaret Gray was Gray's soundperson, with narration by Bob Switzer. Found in British Columbia.  For more information, visit our Wilf Gray page.
bulletSteve Heiser.  Made several outstanding films in the mid-to-late1970s, on the subject of rural Americans.  Among them were: Lee Baltimore: 99 Years, Lucy Covington: Native American Indian, and Aunt Arie. Found!  Living in Portland, OR, and still thriving as a filmmaker.  
bullet Piers Jessop, who directed the outstanding Middle Ages: a Wanderer's Guide to Life and Letters, (1970, LCA) starring Nicholas Pennell.   This film was also called Voices From the Middle Ages in its European version.  Found!  Jessop wrote to us: "I was having dinner with some friends in Sussex - I am currently in England, returning to Morocco next week - and among the guests was an editor of The Times. He was apparently sufficiently interested in me to put my name into a Google search, and that's how I found out about you..."  Visit Piers' webpage at: www.piersjessop.co.uk
bulletGene Kearney, who directed a wonderful adaptation of Conrad Aiken's 'Silent Snow, Secret Snow'.  Gene Kearney passed away on November 4, 1979.  Nicole Kearney, who married his son Jack, gave us the following data: Gene Raser Kearney was born March 2 ,1930 in New York
City. He attended the Berkshire private high school in Massachusetts, then served in the Air Force in the Korean War. He attended Harvard and graduated with honors. He started his film career as a writer, making educational films and got his first break doing the 'Night Galleries' with Rod Sterling. He also worked on the 'Kojak' series for 7 of the 8 years it was on.
bulletSteve Marts, who made a wonderful documentary of Cuzco streetlife in Inca Farewell.  Found!  Reader D. C. Anstett pointed us to Steve's location on Whidbey Island, WA, where Steve's a successful photo artist
bulletNorman Miller, director/producer of ethnographic films, including the 'Faces of Change' series (e.g. Naim and Jabar, American Universities Field Staff, 1974).  Visit Miller's AFA page.
bulletStuart Roe, the maker of wonderful ethnographic films such as Pueblo Mexicano de Caldereros and Pueblo Mexicano de Pescadores. We discovered that Roe passed away in December, 2009, before we were able to find him. We are now in touch with his family, and developing a filmography and biography.
bulletAlan Root, one of our favorites, was found in Africa, preferring to stay out of the public eye.  Alan Root passed away on August 26, 2017.
bulletHermann Schlenker, maker of ethnographic films in Orinoco, Mali, and Central Asia, among others, distributed in the U.S. by Julien Bryan's International Film Foundation.  Schlenker is living in Germany.  
bulletTina Viljoen.  A South African filmmaker who made a series of films on developing nations for the National Film Board of Canada.  Found!  Living in London, with partner/journalist Gwynne Dyer.  We interviewed them in July of 2001.

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