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       Bill Wade, Lorenzo's crutches, Merrill Kelly, Jeb Henley, Rocky Bartram, Robin Harris, Lorenzo, Indi Higham,
Bob Madge, on front steps of KTAO, circa 1971

So long, Bill Wade  (April 16, 1952 - August 20, 2014). You were loved by all.

NOTE: There was a KTAO Reunion Party held in San Jose during the summer of 2013. There may eventually be another. If you were on the air at KTAO during the Lorenzo Milam era, you will be invited. Contact us by email to get on the email invitation list.

The following 190 or so individuals below either had programs on radio station KTAO in Los Gatos, or were essential to keeping the station running. If you had a program and are not listed, please send us an email along with an anecdote concerning something that happened at KTAO during your time there. We'll put your name on the list right away. Those volunteers marked with a (BR) after their names were there during the Bill Ryan years only. Those market with a (†) after their names have passed away. Those marked with a (*) have been in touch with us. We have more than 150 photos of KTAO people, taken by Pete Blind. Many in the photos are unidentified, but those with a "P" beside their names have been. If you'd like a proofsheet with all photos, contact us.


Ahlam Abu Zayyad
Geoff Alexander "P"
Steve Alkire
Jamie Alsop
Steve Arnerich
Pauline Baggio Huerre
Dawn Eden (Fletcher Baker) *
Karyn Alicea (Baker) * "P"
John Balliet
Boris Baranowski
Nile “Rocky” Bartram *
Michael Beard
Allen Bell
Keith Bentz
Ted Biskupski * "P"
Franz Blattler (BR)
Peter Blind (†) "P"
Claudia Bonsignore *
Jim Braswell (†)
Vern Brechin *
Kris Bricker “Goodge” "P"
Carl Broadway
Andy Broom
Brother Clarence (Smith)
Brother Reaves
Brother Rudolph
Maggie Brown
Jill Browning
Jewell Buchanan
E. Vernon Buck "P"
Mark Buckley
Tom Bullock
Jim Burdette
John Bybee (BR) "P"
Don Campau *
Chris Campbell *  
Kelly Lee Carey
John Carr *
Steve Cervantes *
Jorge Chaurria
David B. Clark * "P"
Bill Clebsch *
John Cockroft
Ken Cong
Jim Copeland
Doug Criuckshank * "P"
Kathie Cutshall
John Dalhquist
Laura (Heffron) Daltry *
Elliot Daum *
Dennis DeGhelder (†)
Bob Deignan * "P"
Daniel Del Solar (†)
Frank DeMoss "P"
Jim Dimitru
Norman Doyle
Paul Durkett
Pat Dunn
Bob Eaton
Steve Eckert
Elaine Edgell "P"
Chris Elliott (BR) "P"
Jim Emdy *
Cal “Crisis” Faircloth
Daryl Fazekas *
John Fenley
Gordon Fish
Dave Fowler
Gil Frances
Dave Freedman (Marcia) * "P"
Dwight Freeman (Dr. Jazz)
























J.J. "Tiny" Freeman (†) "P"
Al Fronk
Kazem Gefari
Ted Gehrke *
Ric George
Dan Getsla *
John Gibson
Shirley Ginzburg *
George Goddard (†)
Randy Gomes
Alan Gordon
John Gorrindo *
Roger “Stu” Grace "P"
Mel Grant (Officer, CHP)
Robert Lee Gray
Telemachos Greanias * "P"
Rick Griffoul *
Brian Grist
Roger Harlan (†) 
Robin Harris * "P"
Max Hartstein (†) "P"
John Hayden * "P"
Duke Hayduk (wife Sarah) * "P"
Al Hayes
Jeb Henley *
John Higdon *
Jim Hilsabeck (BR) * "P"
Randy Horn
Indira “Indi” Higham (†) "P"
Steve Hunter "P"
Phil Hurtig
Billy Iberti
Mona Ingrassia "P"
Ron Iudice
Doug Johnson "P"
Howard Kallman "P"
Merrill Kelly (†) "P"
Leo Kesselman * "P"
Lillie Knauls
Al Knoth *
Guenther Kopatsch
Ray Krass
Paul Lacey "P"
David Leskovsky *
Roger Lindeman (Roger Mann) "P"
Bill Linder
David Lonigro
Nate Mackey *
Robin MacRae
Bob Madge "P"
Byron Malechek * "P"
John Mallet
Holt Maness *
Jim Marks
Hugh McAllorum (†) "P"
Dan McCoy *
Cese McGowan * "P"
Tracy McGowan * "P"
David McNeil
Robin McRae (MacRae?)
Lorenzo Milam * "P"
Mary Miller
Roger Mills
Alex Montalvo
Joe Morrow *
Chico Myers
Michael Nocera (BR) *
Peggy Owens
























Joey Perrin
Julie Perrin
Joyce "Petey" Peterson
Craig Phillips
Jeff Pond (BR)
Bob Poole
Michael Proto
Dieter Rathjens *
John Ratliff
Merwyn Reeves
Fritz Reuterman
J. Roberts
Pat Roberts
Adrian Rocha
Mike Rodrigues
Vega Roecker * "P"
Cammy Root "P"
Dennis Rosner (†)
Cathy Ruggles
Gloria Ruiz
Gene Rusco *
William Harvey "Bill" Ryan III (†)  "P"
Nyles Ryan
Mike Sandifer
Reed Searle *
Frank Seelig (BR) *
Jane Shannon (†)
Pat Sheehan (†)
Dave Sherman *
Howard Slobodin
Bill Small "P"
Jeff Smith "P"
George Simmons
Frank Sobol
Big Jim Steele
Eugene Stoltzfus * "P"
Herald Striepe
Bob Stroughter
Denny Teresi *
Glenn Thompson *
Jack Thorne
Bob Ulrich
"Uncle Jack" Tossman
Phil Vassels
Karl Vidstrand
Dee Vogel * "P"
Lee Vork
Bill Wade * (†) "P"
Glen Wallace
Bill Walsh
J. William Weed (F. Leonard Seibel)
Richard Wendt
Jeff West
Al Whitaker
Mike Wiederspiel
Fawn Wilheim
Bill Williams
Williams sisters (Cindy, Cheryl, Julie) (BR) *
Frieda Winkle
Doug Wisler *
Biff Witt *
Bob Worthy
Christopher Yee


























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