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      With Will Geer, shooting Walt Whitman's Civil War, 1970                            Shooting The Affair, 1995

Fred Goodich, ASC,  served as cameraman in a number of important films made for Encyclopaedia Britannica, and went on to a stellar career in Hollywood, on television, documentaries, feature films, and commercials. 

Born in The Bronx, New York, on September 10, 1939, Frederic Goodich early on drew and painted the faces of people he knew. In elementary school, his poster for the “Keep Your Subway Clean” campaign won first prize in an all-Bronx competition. He borrowed a friend’s Leica and developed an interest in still photography. However, his family encouraged him to choose a ‘practical’ career, similar to his uncle’s, a research chemist who co-developed Kent cigarette's Micro-nite filter. When Fred entered Bronx High School of Science, he was expecting to become an engineer. However, once in college, he realized visual art was his undeniable passion, and that filmmaking, (cinematography, in particular,) combined it all: science, technology and art. 

Upon graduation from CCNY, a fellow student recommended Goodich for a camera job in Washington, D.C. working for TV-commentator Peter Von Sahn’s “The Wind-Rose”, a magazine style show for West-German audiences. Goodich filmed Americans at work and play, civil-rights struggles, peace marches, politicians, everyday citizens, celebrities (John Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jesse Jackson...)  

A chance meeting, in Los Angeles with Larry Lipton, the beat-poet and -chronicler, who had weekly screenings of American underground films in his Venice bungalow, led Goodich to seek work at Encyclopedia Britannica Films in Hollywood. Stan Croner, who headed the unit, was impressed when Goodich offered to sweep floors unpaid just so long as he could observe the filmmaking. Croner hired him at $40 a week. 

After making a number of films at EB, Goodich went on to become  a noted cinematographer,  whose features include: G.I. Jesus, Surviving Eden, The Affair, Lay of the Land and For Love of the Game (2nd unit.) According to the L.A. Times, his cinematography on Fear No Evil contains "sublimely poetic imagery." His Board & Care won the 1980 Academy Award for Best Dramatic Short.

He was an award-winning DP in commercials, having shot over 900 of them, many for major clients. 

He also directed: Cher’s music video Main Man, fashion videos for various designers, the short film Green-Eyed, and photographed and co-wrote & -directed (with Gene Kearney) the long-form music video/feature documentary for A&M Records, Love It Or Leave It

Fred was an instructor at the American Film Institute (A.F.I.) in Los Angeles where he taught the Advanced Camera Technique and Lighting Workshop and conducted the Cinematography Forum (which profiles the work of guest cinematographers.)  He was involved with the Bangkok Film Festival on the selection committee for at least two years, circa 2006.

Fred passed away on August 30, 2016. He is survived by wife Donna and son Nikolas Soren.


 Academic films made for companies other than Encyclopaedia Britannica, for which Goodich served as DP or Director

bulletDomestic Disputes: Police Training Films (seven 30-minute films) DP Frederic Goodich, writer/dir/prod Peter Schnitzler
bulletEarly Childhood, dir/cam Frederic Goodich, prod. Bruce & Carole Hart, CRM Productions, featuring Nikolai Goodich
bulletEdgar Allen Poe, DP Frederic Goodich, dir. Cliff Janoff, writer/prod. Neal Ruben
bulletHow Does A Rainbow Feel? DP Frederic Goodich, writer/dir David Holden, National Institute of Education
bulletUp Pill, Down Pill, DP Frederic Goodich, dir. Gary ___ ?
bulletWe Are What We Eat, DP Frederic Goodich, writer/prod/dir, Dan Bessie, Filmfair
bulletWalt Whitman’s Civil War, dir/cam/prod Frederic Goodich, writer-prod. Neal Ruben, starring Will Geer, Churchill Films

Encyclopaedia Britannica films for which Goodich served as DP or Director


Choosing Up, dir. Frederic Goodich, DP Isidore Mankofsky, prod. Warren Brown, music: David Lindley & Kaleidoscope


Fantasy of Feet, (Cine Gold Eagle, 1971) dir/cam Frederic Goodich, prod. Warren Brown, music: David Lindley & Kaleidoscope


The Orange Grower, DP Frederic Goodich, prod/dir Warren Brown


Produce From Farm to Market, DP Frederic Goodich, prod/dir Warren Brown


The South: Roots Of The Urban Crisis, DP Frederic Goodich, writer/prod/dir Stan Croner


Time For Rain, DP Frederic Goodich, prod. Warren Brown


Toes Tell, dir/cam. Frederic Goodich, prod. Warren Brown, music: David Lindley & Kaleidoscope


Why Plants Bend Toward Light

Films for which Frederic Goodich worked at Encyclopaedia Britannica as Assistant Cameraman to DP Isidore Mankofsky, ASC. 

bulletBeach A River Of Sand, prod. Warren Brown w/John Shelton
bulletErosion - Leveling The Land, dir. Bill Varney
bulletEvidence for The Ice Age, dir. Chuck Finance
bulletExplaining Matter; Atoms and Molecules, prod. Larry Yust
bulletEyes And Seeing, The, dir. Chuck FinanceGold Rush, dir. Stan Croner
bulletHow Solid Is Rock, prod. Chuck Finance
bulletLife Story of The Ladybird Beetle
bulletRocks That Form On The Earth’s Surface, dir. Chuck Finance
bulletRocks That Originate Underground, prod. Chuck Finance
bulletSafety in The Home, prod. Bill Varney
bulletSafety on The Streets, prod. Bill Varney
bulletWaves on Water, prod. Chuck Finance
bulletWhat Do We Still Have Mountains, dir. Warren Brown
bulletWhat Makes Clouds, prod. Warren Brown
bulletWhy Do We Still Have Mountains, dir. Warren Brown

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